Copley & Partners’ green products and services provide environmentally safe products that eliminate mycotoxins - chemicals that can contribute to serious respiratory and neurological illnesses.


Our products & solutions inhibit the growth of mold, mildew, biological odors, and help to prevent asthma and other airborne health illnesses caused by mold and bacteria.


Our products are used in hospitals, medical facilities, nursing homes, housing, hotels, schools, and universities, and may be applied safely on any surface, porous and non-porous.


Chemical Alternatives for Shipping & Cruise Lines:

  • Remove barnacle, mussel, and sea worm deposits; shell buildup; and mineral and salt deposits
  • Decontaminate heat exchangers, coolant systems, and boilers
  • Clean everything in place, without needing a heat source or any recirculation
  • Decrease downtime and occupational health and safety concerns


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EARTHSAFE                           Industries We Serve

Shipping & Cruise Lines


Hospitality & Nursing Care

Disaster Recovery

Institutions & Public Housing


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