Our global consulting services combine unparalleled experience and comprehensive management capabilities across a number of industries and business operations.


As advisors, our objective is to create revenue-generating platforms designed to sustain economic growth, and develop business ventures, at the same time providing both direct and indirect job creation. All of our projects are designed to deliver high-yield returns on investments. Working with top researchers, engineers, inventors, entrepreneurs, and manufactures, we endeavor to bring new products and innovations to market. These technologies support new advancements in healthcare and Earth Safe technology.


Our experience and competency in business development, in emerging technology-driven markets, supports our Investment Services Group by providing keen insights and a  fundamental understanding of how to successfully launch systems, and drive products and services to market.


We have strategic partnerships with heath care providers, industry experts, investors, entrepreneurs, and key companies around the globe. We leverage our 85 years of combined  executive management experience and operation leadership expertise to ensure success- based results.


Whether it’s business operations, or a technology-enabled strategy, our goal is to drive value to your business.


Look to Copley Global when excellence in business is your goal!

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Copley Global helps organization with their needs in the following key area:

1.)  Sales & Marketing

We develop and execute sales and go-to-market plans for healthcare and technology companies.  We also provide high-end sales talent to grow your business, to meet and exceed your revenue targets.

2.)  Channel Development

We help organizations to develop their plans to expand and scale through VAR & VAD models.

3.)  Value Added Reseller & Distribution

We help organizations with their plans to expand and scale through VAR & VAD models.

4.)  M & A Services

We work with organizations for M & A to scale and grow business.

5.)  Investment & Capital Advice

As an organization we advise companies on their capital needs to grow and go-to-market.

6.)  Global Projects, Relocation & Expansion

We work with organizations to coordinate and meet their global needs to scale and grow.


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